Why Does Dolly Parton Wear Gloves?

People on TikTok are often “discovering” things that have been known for years. From “new” beauty trends to Oscar-winning movies that are suddenly “underrated,” people, places, and things simply don’t exist until some youth posts about them online. The latest pop culture “theory” making the rounds online again focuses on Dolly Parton’s nude gloves.

A December 2022 post by TikTok user @hannahbearbraun is going viral for reigniting the “#conspiracy” that Parton wears nude gloves based on her November performance at the 37th Annual Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony. “This clip fully convinced me of the skin-colored gloves theory,” they wrote over a duet reacting to the clip, which they captioned, “We as a society can’t deny it anymore. This woman is an enigma and I love her.” They also used the hashtags #dollypartonhands and #skinsuit.The video has been viewed 9.8 million times and received more than 640,000 likes.

There’s only one thing…it’s not a theory. While it’s unclear whether or not Parton is wearing gloves in this particular clip, her use of the accessory is pretty well documented. With just one google search, @hannahbearbraun would know that this so-called conspiracy has been confirmed by Dolly Parton’s own team.Inductee Dolly Parton performs onstage during the 37th Annual Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony at Microsoft Theater on November 05, 2022, in Los Angeles.

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Dolly Parton’s Fashion Choice

Dolly Parton is always wearing fingerless gloves and long-sleeved outfits. The country singer may be covering up scars and tattoos. Dolly’s creative director, Steve Summers, said she wears them to hide certain features like her hands and elbows.

Reasons for Wearing Gloves

There are a few theories as to why Dolly Parton wears gloves:

1. Covering Scars and Tattoos

Dolly Parton has keloid scar tissue and tends to have scars with a purple tinge that she can never get rid of. She has tattoos on her arms that are meant to cover these scars. The tattoos are pastel-colored and include flowers and butterflies, which hold personal significance for her.

2. Corrective Hand Surgery

There is speculation that Dolly Parton had corrective hand surgery in 2010, which left a scar that she covers with gloves. While this information is not confirmed by Dolly or her management, it has been relayed by fans who interacted with her during the filming of the movie “Joyful Noise” in 2011.

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3. Personal Preference

Dolly Parton’s creative director, Steve Summers, has stated that Dolly wears gloves and long sleeves because she doesn’t like her elbows and hands. It’s a personal preference and a normal woman thing.

Dolly Parton’s Iconic Style

Regardless of the reason behind her glove-wearing, Dolly Parton’s fashion choices have become iconic. Her fingerless gloves, along with her voluminous blonde hair, sparkly sequin gowns, and bright pink lipstick, contribute to her signature look. The gloves have become a small part of her iconic persona and have never outshined her bright smile, bubbly personality, and legendary music.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why does Dolly Parton always wear gloves?

Dolly Parton wears gloves for various reasons. One theory is that she wears them to cover up scars and tattoos on her hands and arms. Another theory suggests that she had corrective hand surgery, which left a scar that she prefers to hide. Additionally, Dolly has expressed a personal preference for covering her hands and elbows.

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Does Dolly Parton have tattoos?

Yes, Dolly Parton has tattoos. She has mentioned that she got tattoos to cover up scars on her arms. The tattoos are pastel-colored and include flowers and butterflies.

Are Dolly Parton’s gloves a fashion statement?

Yes, Dolly Parton’s gloves have become a fashion statement for her. Her creative director has stated that the gloves are part of her wardrobe and that she wears them because she doesn’t like her elbows and hands.

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