Where Does Ted Nugent Live?

Ted Nugent, the famous rock guitarist, has lived in various locations throughout his life. Let’s explore some of the places he has called home.

Los Angeles, California

Ted Nugent currently resides in Los Angeles, California. This vibrant city is known for its entertainment industry and is a perfect place for Nugent to catch concerts and connect with his fans. If you’re interested in attending one of his shows, keep an eye on his website and social media accounts for updates.

Crawford, Texas

Nugent also has a home in Crawford, Texas. He moved to this rural town about 18 months ago and has been enjoying the peaceful surroundings. Crawford offers plenty of opportunities for hunting and fishing, which are activities Nugent is passionate about. If you’re looking for an adventure in the great outdoors, Crawford might be the perfect destination.


Originally from Michigan, Ted Nugent has a deep connection to his home state. He frequently visits his Michigan home and has even remodeled it for upcoming concerts. While he may not currently reside there full-time, Michigan holds a special place in Nugent’s heart.

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In addition to his primary residences, Nugent owns several properties. He has a fruit farm located south of Benzonia, Michigan, which has been in operation since 1918. This scenic farm is a testament to Nugent’s love for nature and agriculture.

Furthermore, Nugent owns a 340-acre hunting ranch in Jackson County, Michigan. This ranch is home to exotic animals and buffaloes, making it a haven for hunting enthusiasts. Nugent spends a significant amount of time on his ranch, especially during the holidays.


Ted Nugent has lived in various locations throughout his life, including Los Angeles, California, Crawford, Texas, and his home state of Michigan. He has a deep connection to nature and enjoys hunting and fishing. Nugent’s properties, such as his fruit farm and hunting ranch, reflect his passion for the outdoors. Whether he’s rocking out on stage or enjoying the tranquility of his properties, Nugent continues to make an impact in the music industry and beyond.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Where was Ted Nugent born?

Ted Nugent was born in Detroit, Michigan.

2. Does Ted Nugent still live in Michigan?

While Ted Nugent frequently visits his Michigan home, he currently resides in Los Angeles, California, and Crawford, Texas.

3. Does Ted Nugent own any properties?

Yes, Ted Nugent owns a fruit farm in Michigan and a hunting ranch in Jackson County, Michigan.

4. What is Ted Nugent’s primary residence?

Ted Nugent’s primary residence is in Los Angeles, California.

5. Does Ted Nugent still perform concerts?

Yes, Ted Nugent continues to perform concerts and entertain his fans.

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