What’s New on HBO Max from October 9th-15th: Latest Releases

HBO Max has been keeping us entertained with movies like Megalodon 2, Flash, and shows like And Just Like That and Dos Vidas. But now it’s time for new series and movies to take the spotlight. Here is a list of the releases on the streaming platform from October 9th to 15th.

New Releases:

– Doom Patrol, Season 4, on October 12th
– Tár, on October 13th
– Scarygirl, on October 13th
– La noche del demonio, la puerta roja (Insidious: The Red Door), on October 13th
– Aquellos que matan, Season 3, on October 13th
– Rick and Morty, Season 7, on October 15th

Other series and movies currently available on HBO Max include:

– Dos Vidas
– Ella interestelar (Ella the Space Explorer)
– Mundo Bita: ¡Imagínate! Season 2

In addition, a range of other content has recently been added to the platform, such as:

– Telemarketers: el fraude detrás de la llamada (Telemarketers: The Fraud Behind the Call)
– Chef Jack
– Amigos con beneficios (Friends with Benefits)
– Charlie y la fábrica de chocolate (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory)
– El origen (Inception)
– Hombres de negro 2 y 3 (Men in Black 2 and 3)
– Mortal Kombat
– Resident Evil 5: la venganza (Resident Evil 5: Retribution)
– Una linda mañana (A Beautiful Morning)
– Vecinos invasores (Over the Hedge)

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