What Nationality is Jason Momoa?

Jason Momoa, the popular actor known for his roles in Aquaman and Game of Thrones, has a diverse ethnic background. While he was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, he is not solely Hawaiian. His father has Native Hawaiian roots, while his mother is of German, Irish, and Native American descent. Momoa spent his summers in Hawaii and identifies more with his Hawaiian heritage than any of the other ethnicities from his mother’s side.

Jason Momoa’s Love for His Hawaiian Heritage

Momoa has a deep love for his Hawaiian heritage and has embraced it throughout his life. He has a tattoo on his arm representing his family’s ‘aumakuea, a spirit or animal that protects its ancestors. Momoa’s lineage goes back nine generations in Hawaii, and he feels a strong connection to the land and culture. He has even expressed a deep connection to Aotearoa, the indigenous name for New Zealand, and considers it a place where he feels a strong sense of belonging.

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Jason Momoa’s Advocacy for Hawaii

Momoa is not only passionate about his heritage but also about protecting the sacred lands of Hawaii. In 2019, he joined his family of islanders in protest against the construction of a giant telescope on Mauna Kea, a sacred dormant volcano. Momoa believes that the volcano is the birthplace of the Hawaiian islands and considers it a sacred site. He has been vocal about bringing awareness to the issue and advocating for the rights of indigenous peoples.

Jason Momoa’s Career and Achievements

Jason Momoa’s career has been marked by his diverse roles and his ability to bring authenticity to his characters. He gained international fame for his portrayal of Khal Drogo in Game of Thrones and has appeared in films such as Conan the Barbarian, Bullet to the Head, and Aquaman. Momoa’s physical presence and rugged good looks have made him a sex symbol in the entertainment industry.

Aside from his acting career, Momoa is also a skilled surfer, skateboarder, and rock climber. He has a passion for outdoor activities and has used his platform to advocate for environmental causes. Momoa has launched his own line of canned water to raise awareness about the detrimental effects of single-use plastics.

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Q: Who is Jason Momoa’s wife?

A: Jason Momoa’s wife is American actress Lisa Bonet.

Q: How many children does Jason Momoa have?

A: Jason Momoa has two children.

Q: How old is Jason Momoa?

A: Jason Momoa is 43 years old.

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