What is Johnny Depp’s Background?

Johnny Depp, born John Christopher Depp II on June 9, 1963, was destined for fame with his unique character and devastatingly good looks. As a child, he was a victim of domestic violence but he overcame his tragic past and eventually rose to fame with countless, memorable series and movie roles, including “21 Jump Street” (1987-1990) “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape” (1993), “Donnie Brasco” (1997), “The Pirates of the Caribbean” franchise, “Finding Neverland” (2004), and many more. He was nominated for numerous awards for his outstanding performances and honored with a life-size statue in Serbia. His career took a nosedive in 2016 when his wife at the time, Amber Heard, filed for divorce and accused him of physical abuse. His turbulent relationship with Heard was the source of public interest and their televised 2022 defamation trial drew over 500 million viewers. Public support for Depp was overwhelming and, since winning the case, he has gotten his life (and career) back on track. Today, we celebrate the special day of this deserving star with you.

Fast Facts

Full NameJohn Christopher Depp II
Relationship StatusDivorced


John Christopher Depp II, famously known as Johnny Depp, was born in Owensboro, Kentucky, in the United States and was raised in Florida. His parents, John Christopher Depp and Elizabeth ‘Betty’ Sue Wells divorced when he was 15 years old. His father was a civil engineer and his mother was a waitress. He has three siblings, Danny, Christi Dembrowski, and Deborah — Depp is the youngest of the four. He revealed that his mother had abusive tendencies, and at the age of 11, Depp started doing various kinds of drugs as a way to escape from his family problems.

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His road to fame started in 1979 when he joined a band called the Kids and in 1983, he moved to Los Angeles with the band, hoping to make it big. A year later, in 1984, he was introduced by his then-wife, Lori Allison, to Nicolas Cage, who introduced him to a Hollywood agent. His big break came after filming “Edward Scissorhands,” directed by Tim Burton. He went on to feature in many other movies such as “Ed Wood” in 1994, “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” in 2005, and “Alice in Wonderland” in 2010, all directed by Tim Burton. In 2003, he starred in the movie “Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl,” as the pirate, Captain Jack Sparrow, and climbed the ladder of success. He won five MTV Movie Awards and a Screen Actor Guild Award in 2003 for his outstanding performance in the movie.

In terms of his personal life, Depp has two children, Lily-Rose Depp and Jack Depp. He has always been a ladies’ man, with six engagements and two official marriages, first to Lori Allison and later to Amber Heard in 2015. These marriages, unfortunately, both ended in divorce. His relationship with Heard, in particular, was a turbulent one and, in May 2016, she filed for divorce, citing physical abuse. A settlement was reached and the divorce was finalized in 2017. However, the saga continued and in 2022, the highly publicized defamation trial between Depp and Heard took place. Depp won the case and his ex-wife was ordered to pay $1 million to Depp. The majority of public support was in Depp’s favor but since winning the trial, his career began to flourish once again. Depp played the role of King Louis XV in the film “Jeanne Du Barry,” which premiered at the Cannes Film Festival in May 2023.

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Career Timeline

  • 1979: Depp joins a garage band called the Kids.
  • 1984: Depp lands his first movie role in the horror film “A Nightmare on Elm Street.”
  • 1990: He’s launched into stardom with his breakthrough performance in “Edward Scissorhands.”
  • 2003: His lead actor Oscar award nomination for “Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl.”
  • 2010: He wins the award for ‘Favorite Movie Actor of the Decade.’
  • 2012: Depp is recognized as the world’s highest-paid actor.
  • 2021: Depp receives the Donostia Award for his career and lifetime achievements.
  • 2022: The defamation trial between Depp and Heard takes place.
  • 2023: Depp plays the role of King Louis XV in the film “Jeanne Du Barry.”

Why We Love Johnny Depp

  • He defies the odds: Depp is not afraid to be different and embraces it. His character is more than just a show he has to put for the cameras — he is interesting, talented, likable, and relatable.
  • He overcame his childhood struggles: Depp grew up in an unhealthy environment. He was a victim of domestic violence and did not have much money growing up. Despite a difficult start in life, he persevered, worked hard, and became one of the biggest and most well-loved names in Hollywood.
  • He has a deep love for children: Despite living a luxurious life, Depp has a soft spot for the needy. He supports the War Child charity, the Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles, and makes annual donations to the hospital that treated his daughter after she suffered temporary kidney failure.
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5 Surprising Facts

  • He was allergic to chocolate growing up: Not only was Depp allergic to chocolate in his early days, but this might have played a part in influencing his dislike for chocolates even after the allergy disappeared.
  • A for effort: Depp learned French so that he could make French model Vanessa Paradis’ parents feel comfortable around him.
  • He’s nearly blind in the left eye: He suffers from short-sightedness and has had this condition since birth, coupled with a nearly blind left eye.
  • His fears: Depp hates clowns; he has a fear of clowns, spiders, and ghosts.
  • He preferred lizards for pets: As a child, he would not only collect lizards to keep as pets but would also train these lizards to perform tricks.

Johnny Depp FAQs

Who did Johnny Depp date for 14 years?

He was in a long-term 14-year relationship with French model Vanessa Paradis before their split in 2012. They have a daughter, Lily-Rose Depp, together.

What is Johnny Depp suing Amber Heard for?

He is suing Heard for $50 million based on a 2018 op-ed she wrote for the “Washington Post” chronicling her experiences as a domestic abuse survivor.

Are Johnny Depp and Winona Ryder still friends?

Depp and Ryder got engaged in 1990 and, while their 1993 breakup left her heartbroken, they remain good friends to this day.

When is Johnny Depp’s birthday?

Johnny Depp’s birthday is on June 9th.

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