Are Shakira and Jimmy Butler dating?

Latin pop star Shakira and NBA star Jimmy Butler have been the subject of dating rumors since early 2023. The two have been seen together on multiple occasions, sparking speculation about their relationship status. While neither Shakira nor Butler have confirmed their romance, their recent outings and interactions have fueled the rumors.

Spotted Together in London

Shakira and Butler were recently spotted together in London, further adding to the speculation about their relationship. The pair was seen arriving for dinner at Novikov Restaurant & Bar and reportedly stayed until the early hours of the morning. Although they left in separate vehicles, witnesses reported a sweet moment between the two during their dining experience.

A Budding Romance

It wouldn’t be surprising if there was a budding romance between Shakira and Butler. Shakira, who recently moved to Miami with her sons after splitting with Gerard Piqué, attended a Miami Heat game in May and shared a selfie video on Instagram showing her support for the team. Butler liked the video, further fueling the speculation about their relationship.

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Shakira and Piqué were together for more than a decade, and their split last year opened the door for new romantic possibilities for the Latin pop star. Butler, who has previously been linked to celebrities like Selena Gomez and Shay Mitchell, had been single for some time before the rumors about him and Shakira began circulating.

Keeping It Low-Key

Despite the rumors and public sightings, Shakira and Butler have chosen to keep their relationship low-key. They have not publicly addressed the dating rumors, leaving fans and tabloids to speculate about the nature of their connection. It’s unclear how long they have been seeing each other or how serious their relationship is at this point.

Age Difference

Shakira is 46 years old, while Butler is 33 years old, making a 13-year age difference between them. However, age doesn’t seem to be a concern for Shakira, as she is reportedly enjoying getting to know Butler on a deeper level and appreciates his approach to their relationship.

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What’s Next?

As of now, Shakira and Butler’s relationship continues to develop, and it remains to be seen how their connection will progress in the future. Fans will have to wait for any official confirmation or statement from the couple themselves to know the true nature of their relationship.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the age difference between them?

Shakira is 46 years old, while Butler is 33 years old. This means there is a 13-year age gap between them.

Is Shakira really dating Jimmy Butler?

Neither Butler nor Shakira has confirmed their relationship. However, they have been seen together on several occasions and were even photographed looking cozy.

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