Anuel AA’s New Music Announcement Interrupted by Heartfelt Baby Tribute

Last weekend, Anuel AA spoke out about the music video released by his ex-partner Yailin ‘la más viral’, a song that she decided to call ‘Mía’ and that is inspired by special moments with their little daughter, a result of the love that once existed between them.

The singer of ‘Ley seca’ has over 37 million followers on the social media platform, where he took the opportunity to send a message about the images he was appreciating, allegedly canceling the announcement of new music, but excited to see how beautiful the six-month-old baby looks.

“Today I was going to announce new music, but my daughter left me speechless, she looks so beautiful. Don’t pay attention to the negative. NEW MUSIC COMING,” he wrote on the mentioned platform.

Internet users criticize Anuel AA

Users of the social media platform took a few seconds of their time to talk about the content shared by the reggaeton artist, while some made negative comments about the fact that he is not with the baby, as he uploaded nine photos of himself and only one of Cattleya, which was taken from the Dominican’s video.

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“‘My daughter looks so beautiful’ and 9 photos of yourself and only one of her, and it’s a screenshot,” “Anuel’s great advantage: all the children look just like him,” “Looking for sound with something from his daughter that he doesn’t even know or care about… typical,” “The stepfather is better at being a dad than you,” “Tekashi, don’t let your guard down because between laughs, Anuel might impregnate Yailin again and not tell you,” “When are you going to pay child support?”, “How sad that you can only see your daughter in photos,” were some of the reactions registered in the post.

What does Yailin ‘la más viral’ song say?

“You take me to heaven
You entangle me in your magic of love
And to be sincere
With you I have always felt the best,”

“There is no one else
That I have loved like you
Beautiful on the outside
Beautiful on the inside
You are beautiful
You are the same as me,” is part of the lyrics of the new song.

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