Airline Refunds Couple $1,400 After Farting Dog Incident

A couple received a $1,410 refund for the horrible experience they had to endure due to a dog that couldn’t stop farting.

In statements to Insider this Friday, Gill and Warren Press described their ordeal and the back-and-forth with the airline to get their money back for the unpleasant experience.

The Presses’ story initially came to light earlier this month.

The dilemma occurred on a 13-hour flight in June.

As they told Stuff in New Zealand, the flight they were on took off from Paris, France bound for an Asian country.

The couple paid extra for “premium” economy seats.¬†They ended up sitting near a passenger who had a dog that Gill believes¬†served as an emotional support animal.

Initially, the dog just sniffed and drooled. After dinner, when they were trying to sleep, the dog started farting.

After informing the flight crew of the situation, they were offered two seats in economy class that were reserved for flight attendants. The duo decided to stay in their seats.

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The situation only got worse as the dog got even closer to the couple due to the cramped space in the cabin.

Following the advice of an airline employee, the couple filed a report on the incident. When they received no response, they contacted the airline directly. The staff apologized and provided them with two $73 gift vouchers.

The woman felt that the compensation was not enough considering they had purchased more expensive seats.

Almost a month later, the airline provided them with two flight vouchers worth $118 each.

For the Presses, the action was still insufficient due to the price difference between “premium” economy and regular economy.

They continued to press the airline until they received $1,000 in refunds.

The couple plans to donate the money to an animal shelter.

It wasn’t about the money, it was really about holding people accountable,” Gill stated.

“That was the least they could do,” she said. “If they really wanted to be kind, they could have given us more,” she added.

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